Planning & Development

If it is to succeed, a planning application must consider existing and new trees on site. UK legislation includes the preservation and planting of trees, with British Standards tree management guidelines to cover design, demolition and construction. In addition, government policy sets out green infrastructure and natural habitat requirements.

Applying for Planning Permission
Tree Surveys & Constraints Assessments
  • We will start with a site survey of existing trees, in accordance with British Standards guidelines. The findings will be shown on a plan to illustrate which trees can be removed or replaced, and which trees are of most importance.
Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA)
  • The package of information we provide will evaluate the impact of your proposals on trees.   Our AIA is an objective process that identifies ways to compensate for harm, via protection measures or new tree planting.
Tree Protection Plan (TPP)
  • Based on the AIA, we produce a plan to illustrate that tree proposals are feasible. The TPP shows that key trees can be protected and retained to enhance the completed scheme. The TPP will also suggest location and method for new tree planting.
After Planning Permission
Arboricultural Method Statement (AMS)
  • We will produce a working document for your Site Manager, to implement tree protection. This may need to be approved by a Local Planning Authority (LPA) before commencement of work.
Tree Protection Monitoring
  • If we find important trees, we can offer a Clerk of Works service to monitor and audit tree protection on site. The role of Arboricultural Clerk of Works can help to ensure that new tree planting is successful.
The Appeal Process
  • Planning permission may be refused due to LPA tree concerns. Applicants have a right of appeal to the Planning Inspectorate; we can assist with written representations, or Expert Witness services at Hearings and Public Inquiries.
  • We will review the details of your application to date and provide a preliminary opinion on the likelihood of a successful appeal.